The following lists include the people we do expect as attendees for EIL#2.Please mail us in case you intend to visit the "Error In Line #2" convention, so we can add you to the expected-list. If you register your coming your name will be added to the registered-list.


pseudo realname url email country
AiO/Toys Joakim Karlsson http://toys.atari.org Sweden
Bad Boy/M4/EX-RDT Germany
Baggio/Wildfire Robert Hogberg http://wildfire.atari.org baggio@canit.se Sweden
Charon/Escape http://escape.atari.org Germany
CMT/Nocrew Sweden
Creature XL Daniel Pralle creature@atari.org Germany
Deez/Mind Design Sweden
Dynacore/tSCc Andreas John http://tscc.atari.org Germany
Exocet/JFF Herve Piton exocet.justforfun@usa.net France
Evil/DHS Anders Erikson http://www.dhs.nu ae@dhs.nu Sweden
fiveofive/Cpt Nils Feske nils@atari.org Germany
FroST/Sector One Thomas Reiss http://sectorone.atari.org frosties@frosties.org France
Helena/Nocrew Sweden
Hencox/Nature http://nature.atari.org Sweden
Hola/M4/EX-RDT Germany
Instream/Nature http://nature.atari.org Sweden
Joe_Cool/Cpt Joerg Anderson htw824@gmx.de Germany
Johan Sweden
Knut Steffen Kessler Germany
Kor/Trisomic Development France
Liebling/Cpt Jana Schoen Germany
Marcstar/Paranoia Marc Stepanov http://paranoia.atari.org Germany
Mc Laser/tSCc Stefan Benz http://tscc.atari.org mc_laser@atari.org Germany
moondog/.tSCc. Eric Henschler http://tscc.atari.org Germany
Mr.Future/Paranoia http://paranoia.atari.org Sweden
NO/Escape Norman Feske http://escape.atari.org nf2@inf.tu-dresden.de Germany
Nobrain/Nocrew Sweden
Noname/Nocrew Sweden
Nolars/Nocrew Sweden
Paranoid/Paranoia Oliver Heun http://paranoia.atari.org Germany
Peylow/Toys Fredrik Olsson http://toys.atari.org Sweden
Pheno/Teenage Netherlands
RobertK/Imponance Sweden
Scy/tSCc Achim Settelmaier http://tscc.atari.org Germany
Shadow Man/M4/EX-RDT Germany
Spion/Escape Jens Syckor http://escape.atari.org Germany
ST Ghost/SectorOne http://sectorone.atari.org France
ST Survivor/LouD! Sebastien Larnac http://stsurvivor.atari.org larnac@hotmail.com France
Swe/YesCrew Janez Valant http://yescrew.atari.org swe@atari.org Slovenia
Tam/Toys Daniel Petersson http://toys.atari.org Sweden
Tarzan Boy/M4/EX-RDT Germany
Thomas/New Beat Thomas Bergstroem http://newbeat.atari.org tb@atari.org Sweden
Thothy/SDT Germany
Vido/YesCrew Uros Vidovic http://yescrew.atari.org vido@sistel.si Slovenia
Zerkman/Sector One Francois Galea http://cdlab.atari.org France
Zounds/Wildfire http://wildfire.atari.org zounds@atari.org Sweden
ZPQ Sweden
Zweckform/Anvil Soft Ronald Wendt http://www.anvil-soft.com Germany


pseudo realname url email country
Arnel/Maggie Team arnel@atari.org UK
bkx/ATOS/STC Benjamin Kirchheim http://www.bkx.de bkx@gmx.de Germany
Candyman/Cream http://www.creamhq.de Germany
Carbon UK
CiH/Maggie Team Chris Holland http://cih.atari.org cih@atari.org UK
Claus/Triple-A Claus Louis http://www.triple-a-mag.de Germany
Defjam/Checkpoint defjam_cp@gmx.net Germany
D-Force/Fun Industries http://fun.atari.org d_force_030@hotmail.com Netherlands
DigiDuck/Triple-A Achim Schumacher http://www.triple-a-mag.de Germany
Dma SC/Sector One http://sectorone.atari.org France
Dodger/Therapy Olaf Piesche http://therapy-seriouz.de USA
Draco/YesCrew http://yescrew.atari.org Poland
Drizzt/tnb-design Lorenz Witte www.homepages.de/home/tnb_homepage Germany
Elmar Elmar Hilgart http://asamnet.de/~hilgarte/ Germany
Europe Shareware Rafal Kawecki http://www.europe-shareware.org Poland
Felice/Maggie Team felice@atari.org UK
Flash/tnb-design Jan Sommerkorn http://www.homepages.de/home/tnb_homepage jsflash@dialup.nacamar.de Germany
[fn] Frank Naumann Germany
FOX-1/8-bit coders Netherlands
Grey/Mystic Bytes Michal Michalowski Poland
Guillaume sygne1@yahoo.com France
Havoc/Fun Industries http://fun.atari.org Netherlands
Holm Holm Haensel Germany
Insomniac Johannes Haedrich http://www.atari-home.de info@atari-home.de Germany
Jens B. Jens Boraschke Germany
John John Hayward UK
Kaeferjoerg Joerg Germany
Kosmo Poland
Kosmo's friend Poland
Llama/tSCc Martin Schwalb http://tscc.atari.org Germany
Mad Butscher/F2 Thorsten Butschke Germany
mdm/Mystic Bytes Poland
Milhouse/place2be Jan Daldrup http://www.place2be.de jan@place2be.de Germany
MNX/8-bit coders Netherlands
MoAco/Triple-A Bastian Moritz http://www.triple-a-mag.de Germany
modmate/Checkpoint Torsten Keltsch Germany
modred Poland
Monsoft/Independent Ireneusz Pelech http://aim.atari.org irekp@cuprum.com.pl Poland
Mr.Bacardi/Triple-A Stephan Pollok http://www.triple-a-mag.de Germany
Mr.Pink/ReservGods http://rg.atari.org UK
MSG/Reservoir Gods http://msg.atari.org msg@atari.org UK
Nut/Fun Industries Netherlands
Partycle Finland
Phoner Poland
Piotr N. Poland
Q-Funk Martin-Eric Racine http://funkyware.atari.org q-funk@pp.fishpool.fi Finland
RafalK Poland
Ray/tSCc http://tscc.atari.org Germany
Requiem/Atari.Org Richard Davey http://www.atari.org UK
Richard Karsmakers http://stniccc.atari.org Netherlands
Saulot Poland
Splash/SectorOne David Carrere http://sectorone.atari.org France
Sqward/MysticBytes Poland
Tao/Cream Frank Seemann http://www.creamhq.de Germany
The Match Joost van Schoot http://fun.atari.org Netherlands
The White Warrior Netherlands
Tinker/Teenage Netherlands
TXG/8-bit Coders Netherlands
Vulgar/Cobra Team Poland
Wizzcat/Delta Force Karl A. Oygard Sweden