Final releases

D-Force released the final version of his chip tune 'TREAT'.
Charon/Escape finished his winning 4ktro 'Spontane Selbstentzuendung'. There are versions for RGB and VGA available. You can download it from our download section.


More EIL2 Releases

The multichannel entries and the Hmmm... Falcon Demo are just available now. Visit the download section to get them.


Competition Corrections

We discovered a mistake in the Falcon demo competition results. Please read our complete statement here. Sorry to all involved people!The corrected results are now available at the download section or can directly be viewed here.


EIL2 Releases Available

Nearly all EIL2 releases are available now on the download section of this website. The missing files will be added during the next two weeks. Thanks to all EIL2 visitors for making the party an exiting event. Special thanks to all contributors for their great competition entries. ....there is some more to write but I am too tired to press the keys, dzzz...


Street Map

There are some small maps of Dresden available. They show you where the partyplace is located. You can find them here. Together with the "how to find" section in the invitation text you should be able to find us. We will set up some signs at the ways from the highway to the partyplace - this time a bitbigger. If you still have problems to find the partyplace you can call us at our mobile phone. You findthe phone number in in the invitation text, too. There are some construction works around the partyplace. So maybe the "real situation" will be a bit different as described in the invitation text.


New Sponsor!

EiL #2 has a new sponsor:
Foundation Two will organize the gaming competition at our party and provide the prices for it. Thanks Thosten!


Food Service

We found two food services for the party. The first one features pizza, indish food, noodles, vegetarian food, fish and salads. The second one offers a wide range of chinese food. So there should be something for everybody. Ahh.. There are even 60x40cm pizzas available.That should be ok for our swedish guests.


New Sponsor!

The well known hardware producer Paskud will sponsor us a RAM-card for the Falcon and a IDE Interface for the ST. We are very happy about this great support from Poland. Thanks a lot!


Gaming competition

The game for the gaming competition at EIL#2 will be "Missile Command". You should prepare yourself very well to compete with Mad Butscher and Mr.XY!


New Sponsor!

Uwe Seimet, author of the great harddisk tool HDDRIVER sent us some copies of the version 8.0 of his program. Thanks a lot!


New Sponsor!

There are good news from France: EiL #2 has a new sponsor.
Zerkman of Sector One.
sponsors 5 CDLab registration keys as prices for the Error In Line 2001. Thank you Zerkman!!


New Sponsor!

Rafal Kawecki (Europe Shareware) will provide us the version 6 of the famous operating system MagiCOS as competition price. He also told us that he want to attend to the EIL#2. Really good news! Thanks a lot!


New Sponsor!

Christian Hellmanzik gave us 5 keys for the Atari version of his shareware program XAIRON. Thanks Christian!


New Sponsor!

WRS Software Design.will sponsor us a GAL burner toolkit as price for one of our competitions. Thanks a lot!


Error In Line #2 Remindtro

Yepp, here is another invitation intro for the Error In Line #2 party - called remindtro. It features graphics of Zweckform/Cruor and music by 505/Checkpoint. download remind.zip


Sponsors needed!

Until now we still have the big problem to find sponsors who give us prices for our competitions. Especially the first prices for the falcon and st demo competitions are still an unsolved question. Sadly Rudolphe Czuba will not be able to finish his new falcon accelerator CT60 until easter. So he is not able to help us this time. Rumors came up that the Tempest PPC card will be finished in the near future. Maybe this will be the solution. A lot of thanks fly to Paranoid/Paranoia, McLaser/.tSCc. and Milhouse for their big help.


Games Competition Announced

Mad Butcher/Foundation Two will organize a gaming competition at the EIL #2. He made such a competition at his party "Unconventional" last year and it was a big success. Mad Butcher will also provide the prices for this competition. Thanks a lot to MadB. More details will follow.


Links of our Sponsors updated

There were big troubles about a provider that hosted a lot of Atari-pages. Some of our sponsors had to move their websites to other servers. These webpages are accessable from our site again.


Swedish Error In Line #2 HQ opened!

Today there has been two new services opened for swedish travelers to the Error In Line II party. First up wasthe new mailinglist assigned for discussion how to get to the party, and secondly a more general homepagehas been created for the event.
visit: http://eilswe.atari.org/


New Sponsor!

Mario Becroft, the wellknown atari hardware developer from New Zealand, will sponsor us a vga-monitor-adapter. We are happy that he supports our convention again...


New Sponsor!

A big "thank you" is flying to Thomas Raukamp, chief editor ofthe german atari-magazine "ST Computer". He has promised us to sponsor 3!! annual subscriptions of the magazine for the competitions. We hope to see him at the party...


New Sponsor!

There is no doubt about it, we will get many atari-related prizes for the competitions. A new sponsor is prof H. Walz, developer of the famous software "MusicEdit". He has promised to support the competitions with a complete version of his software.

Our object in view will be to find more of such real atari supporters, who are willing to provide our party. Never give up, stay atari!!! :)


New Sponsor!

A lot of thanks to R.O.M. logicware who will provide us the office version of their famous product "Papyrus" for one of our competitions.


New Sponsor!

Elmar Hilgart - the creator of the well known ethernet link - will provide us some of his hardware products. Thanks a lot!


Polish invitationtext available

Grey/MB translated the invitation text file into polish.The text is downloadable from the download section of this homepage. Thanks a lot to Grey for his work!


Third sponsor found!

Thanks fly to Patrick Eickhoff, author of FunMedia, who will give us a complete version of his wellknown video editing software for the competitions.


New Sponsor!

EiL #2 has a new sponsor:
RGF Software Development.
Thanx to Richard G. Faika. We hope to see him next easter.


Invitation intros released

The invitation intros for the Atari ST and the Atari Falcon are released now.Download the ST intro andthe Falcon Intro.Thanks again to evl/dhs for his great support!



Finally the bulletin board section of our sites is ready. A lot of thanks to evl/dhs for his massive help.


First EiL #2 sponsor!!!!

Despite the difficult situation in the atari-tradermarket (cancelling Milan 2, Running 2, crash of MuCS Hannover)we got our first sponsor: "The Triple A" magazine. Thanx to MoAco (editor of the mag), who will also visit our party for sure.


Invitationtexts avaiable

The English and German versions of the official Invitationtext are avaiable in the download section.


Homepage opened

The official Error In Line #2 homepage is now available.