Already two years have passed by since the "Error In Line '99" took place. Now after those two years of recreationtime we are glad to invite you to the "ERROR IN LINE #2" convention. With new motivation and from what we learned from "Error In Line '99" we hope to be able to offer you a convention full of fun, creativity and interesting experiences.

The convention will be open for all fans of alternative systems, such as Atari, Unix, Acorn, Amiga, C64. As usual, the convention will take place at Easter (13.-16.April 2001) in Dresden, Germany.

Following feedback of several "Error In Line '99"-visitors there weren't many complaints about the partyplace, date, competitions and services. So generally the convention will take place in a similiar style, but we have added some more services and competitions for some more pleasure.

We will try our best to arrange a great Easter convention and hope to see you next Easter in Dresden - back to the underground.


The convention will start: Friday, 13.April 2001, 11:00 AM.
And the official end is: Monday, 16.April 2001, 11:00 AM.


The location is big enough for 100-150 computerfreaks from many different countries. The partyplace is comfortable and features a sleeping room, a bar with fair prices, WCs, showers and is divided in a smoker and a non- smoker area.

For the entertainment side you can expect:

  • the big screen for demo-watching/gaming pleasures
  • numerous competitions and prizes
  • an internetroom (Linux network)
  • a realtime article
  • the possibility to play Dart
  • the possibility to play Volleyball
  • pizzaservice and other foodservices
  • the central situation of the location
  • a parking area nearby
  • shops near the party place
  • the opportunity to come even earlier and have a look at Dresden for some days. But therefore you have to tell us early, so we can try to organize some place for you.
The entrance fee for all 4 days is 30 DM (15 Euro)
The entrance fee for only 1 day is 10 DM ( 5 Euro)

Still the room is limited, since the computerequipment is taking a lot of space. In other words we can not gurantee place for everybody, as long as you are not registered. So please register and make sure you get space for you and your equipment.

The registering fee is 25 DM (12.5 euro).

Remittance to the following account:

Stadtsparkasse Dresden
Account owner: Jens Syckor
Banking account: 442 027 035
Banking leadnr.: 850 551 42


The party will be located in a club namend "GAG18" near the city center of Dresden. The railway station, tram, bus, mcdonalds and the city center are easily reachable by foot.

The Partyaddress:
Kellerclub GAG 18 e.V.
01169 Dresden
How to get to the Partyplace..

By Car:

There are 2 possibilities to go by car, depending on where you come from:

(1) If you are driving to Dresden on the A4 from "Eisenach" then leave the motorway at the exit called "Dresden-Altstadt." After that, keep on following the traffic signs that direct to "Prag/Praha." Drive on like this for a while as long as you are driving on a street called "Nuernberger EI." This is a big 4-track street which is partly divided by a big green isle. Keep on going straight on until you reach the first traffic light after the green isle. Now turn left at the crossroad and drive down a little hill. Now you should see an old Russian Church on the right side. When you have passed this Church turn left. Now you should be driving on the "Reichenbachstrasse". Turn right into the next street and look for a parking place. You are here.

(2) If you are driving to Dresden on the A4 from "Bautzen" then leave the motorway at the exit "Dresden-Hellerau." Then turn right and keep on going straigth on until you reach the railwaystation called "Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt." This is not the main railwaystation of Dresden, so take care you don't get confused. Anyway, drive through under the railway and then turn to the right. Now you can go straight forward again. You will drive over a big bridge and after some minutes of driving, you will reach the central station of Dresden (Dresden Hauptbahnhof) on the right. Turn right at the next crossroad and drive through under the station. You have been driving the right way when you do see a "Conrad Elec- tronics" shop on the right side. Turn right into the next smaller street and then turn left again at the next crossroad. Ok, only ca. 200 meters to go straight on now. You are here. If you are in the area around the partyplace, please park your car some- where and then we will show you a good parking place. But please do not drive over meadows, don't drive through restricted areas and don't re- move any posts! (hey tSCc & Fun, did you read carefully?)

By Train:

Reaching the partyplace if you arrive by train is an easy task. Just leave the railway station (Hauptbahnhof!) through the Maindoors and turn right. Now keep on going straight forward. You will walk through under a bridge, cross a street and you will stand in front of the "Conrad Electronics" - building. Keep on walking straight on (on its left side) and you will see a big and green meadow. After ca. 150 meters you should have reached a bigger building with two yellow phoneboxes in front of it. Now just enter the door with the "GAG 18" - sign. You are here.

By Plane:

If you are going by plane to Dresden, you will arrive at the airport Dresden-Klotzsche. From there, some shuttlebus is driving to the central railwaystation of Dresden. If you are there you can just follow the way described in the "coming by train" part. Anyway, if this is too complicated for you then contact us as early as possible, so we can take you from the airport to the partyplace by car.

Here is a map for your orientation where the partyplace is.

We will put up signs so you will find the way easier. If you still have problems to find the location, try to call us under the following phone numbers and we will try to help you:

Joerg Anderson: 0173/8669431
Nils Feske: 0170/9508171
GAG18: 0351/4719085


1. Drinking is allowed as far nobody and nothing else suffers under that.

2. Smoking is allowed in the smoker areas ONLY.

3. Every visitor is responsible for his equiqment.

4. Microwaves are not allowed.

5. Copying pirate software is not allowed, as well.

6. Please keep the toilets and showers clean.

7. Follow the organizers requests.

8. All damage has to be paid by the person who caused it.


  • the shops in Germany are not open on Sunday and Monday, so you should buy what you need to survive on Friday and Saturday already.
Do not forget to bring the following stuff with you:
  • multiply cords
  • your sleeping bag
  • money
  • a map
  • this text
  • hard- & software


Thanks to all the people who support and help us!


Thanks to the following sponsors for their support:
RGF Software
Patrick Eickhoff Software
Elmar Hilgart Hard- and Software
R.O.M. logicware
Prof. Herbert Walz (Music Edit)
ST-Computer (Thomas Raukamp Communications)
Mario Becroft
WRS Software Design
Christian Hellmanzik
Europe Shareware
Francois Galea aka Zerkman/Sector One
Uwe Seimet
Foundation Two
Do you want to support the Error In Line #2 convention as a sponsor? Please contact us:
email: js712688@inf.tu-dresden.de
phone: ++49/351/4423873


Nils Feske
Caemmerswalder Str.19
01189 Dresden
+0049 351/4015284
+0049 170/9508171
list address: scene@lists.atari.org
subscribe: scene-request@lists.atari.org
unsubscribe: scene-request@lists.atari.org

Contact the Polish headquarter:

Grey / Mystic Bytes
Michal Michalowski
ul. Goszczynskiego 2/10
80-134 Gdansk
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